Google Analytics Visits : 2,423 Page Views : 3,366 Mobile Devices : 305 Website Grader Website Grade : 97/100 Blog Grade : 84/100 Moz Rank

Over time, you are bound to accumulate a lot of bloat on your blog. As of April 2011, i had managed to accumulate about 500MB

Unique IPs (Not Visitors) – 4,242  (3,722 in March 2011) Page Views – 24,917 (21,426 in March 2011) Feed Views –  4,238 (5,479 in March

ARTWALES.BIZ Unique IPs (Not Visitors) – 3,722 (2,679 in February 2011) Page Views – 21,426 (19,562 in February 2011) Feed Views – 5,479 (6,412 in

Contrary to our expectations, the site witnessed an increase in its followership from the rather low figures that was reported for January 2011. To sustain

I guess we have come to the point where much effort as to be put in to inch the ranking of the site upwards, the

It was a very eventful 2010. This blog site started off in July 2010 as an avenue to share technological ideas. Trust me, as easy

Our prediction last month that we will one day edge google and facebook from the top spots on ALEXA web ranking elicited a few laughs.

Unfortunately, there would be no review this month. The blog site was transferred from to early last month. The change in servers and

This review is coming in a little late, we apologise. We were moving this blogsite and its domain name from our former registrar and webhost,

For the month of August, there were a total of 6644 Unique Visits to the site. Click and zoom in on the image for a

The number of unique hits on this website last week stood at 1167. Subsequent reviews will be published on a monthly basis.