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Easily Expand The Internal Memory Of Your Toshiba Thrive

Out of curiosity than anything else, i decided to try out the procedure i found on the internet which promises to Increase the internal memory  of the Toshiba Thrive tablet. No, it does not require any screw drivers or the likes. It is purely a software affair. Basically, what i

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XBMC Beta For Android Now Available

XBMC is undoubtedly the best media center software around. It is open source and free. Recently, it was announced that the software has been ported to the Android platform. The software will function on any Android smartphone, tablet or set-top box. This new version of XBMC for Android will provide 

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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Rapper

Growing up, many of us wanted to be a lot of things – sometimes all at the same time. For me, at a point, i wanted to be an entertainer. Well, not just an entertainer, but a gifted rap artiste. Unfortunately, this dream has remained what it is – a

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Set Up Your Own Home Theater

In this era of digital video and music downloads, most are restricted to consuming these forms of entertainment by being glued to their mobile devices. Not very convenient, at least for me. The LG brand of electronics is quite popular in Nigeria and its home theater receiver does a good

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App Review : FIFA 12

My largest download, ever, from the Google play android app market is the FIFA 12 game from the stables of EA (Electronic Arts) Deceptively listed as 13MB in the app market, it was not until i had paid, installed the app and ready to play the game that i got

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Your Next Desktop Could Be A Phone

Why carry two devices, when you could carry only one? Imagine carrying a full desktop computer in your pocket. We’re talking about a real desktop OS built in to your smartphone. Your next high-end smartphone has far more horsepower than you’ll need on a phone, and more than enough for

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Android – The Home of Malicious Softwares

A new study from Juniper finds that Android is the hardest hit by malicious apps but says iOS could be vulnerable as well. Android has gotten a lot of negative buzz for its susceptibility to malware. But a new study from Juniper Networks suggests that iOS could also be at

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25 Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of iOS 5

With the release of the iPhone 4S, iCloud, and iOS 5 came a whole new set of tricks for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here are some of the most useful, interesting, and important to remember. 1 Don’t let Siri access your locked iPhone When you hold down the

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Rooting Your Toshiba Thrive

Old habits die hard, someone said. Nothing sums up my perpetual need to extend the limits of my devices. It’s been a little over a week since I took delivery of my Toshiba Thrive tablet but it took me just a couple of days to realize that they was a

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