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100 Best Companies to Work For In Nigeria

For the first time in Nigeria’s employment sector, Jobberman instituted 100 Best Companies to Work For, an initiative aimed to provide comprehensive rating of employee commitment and satisfaction across employers in Nigeria. The survey was carried out in December 2013 and over 10,000 individuals across all professional levels participated. How

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Confessions Of A Compulsive Digital Hoarder

I have accumulated over 2TB of movies over the years, scattered across 3 external drives. This is not taking into consideration the 2TB drive i lost a few years back to a hard disk crash, also containing movies. As of the last count, i had barely watched a fraction of

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Children Of Nowadays

I overhead my 7 year old son discussing with his younger brother on how he took screenshots of the Lion King movie he was watching on his tablet. I was impressed but i kept quiet hoping to hear more about his exploits. I was particularly impressed because most android devices,

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The High Cost Of Schooling In Lekki & Environs [Nigeria]

Has anybody bothered to take a census of the number of Public schools on the Victoria Island/Lekki axis, even down the Lagos-Epe Expressway to Ajah and Environs? You will be forgiven if you think there are none. Little wonder private schools are dotted all over the landscape making brisk business

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Nothing Good Comes Out Of Nigeria

I read through hundreds of news feeds daily from my phone, usually on varied topics spanning technology, religion, socio political and religious news. Even gossips too! What irks me is the trend i have now noticed. If for some reason i am unable to dedicate time for this daily habit

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The Fall Of The Family

There was a time when the rearing of our children was an act to be envied. It took the whole community, neighbourhood and the world at large. If I misbehaved in school and had the misfortune of being flogged or given a dirty slap by a teacher; the incident had

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When A Man Loves A Woman

You know it is not lost on women what their role in a man’s life, the life of her in-laws, children,etc is. It is shouted at us and often used as a blackmail to keep us in line as they lay the burden that is; Woman. I’ve grown tired of

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We Do Not Need God!

I got a call from my tailor asking for a point of clarification on the length of a skirt I had asked him to make for me. In parting, as I reiterated the length; he said “if God allows, the length will be as you want it.” This response can

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