Blackberry Faces Ban

There are indications that there is going to be a ban on some blackberry services in the UAE effective October 11, 2010 because of the inability of authorities there to monitor blackberry’s encrypted services. Services affected include blackBerry email, messaging and web services . The UAE ban will also cover foreign travellers passing through Emirate airports. Saudi Arabia is likely to follow suit.

Unlike other smart phones – iPhone 4 or Nokia – whose services are handled by local wireless operators, BlackBerry doesn’t send emails over the internet. BlackBerry messages are first encrypted and securely stored on the smart phone and then sent out in encrypted manner through its own highly secure Network Operation Centre or server.

There is a possibility of a compromise before that date because of the level of business the company stands to lose, a move that may compromise on the existing level of security offered by this company.

We can only watch and see.


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