Tracking The Cheating Spouse

Tracking the cheating spouse

Vehicle GPS trackers made a foray into the Nigerian market over a decade ago, and was made popular by the insurance companies who bundled these devices with their comprehensive insurance packages. The primary purpose of these devices is to help in reducing the risks the insurance companies face in the event of theft of these […]

The Best Selling Smartphones of All Time

The world’s first smartphone was created by IBM in 1994. Nicknamed Simon, the smartphone included revolutionary features including a touchscreen, email, and built-in apps including a calculator and a sketch pad. Cellular phone functionality has continued to improve since then, especially in the years after 2000. By 2007, when Apple released its groundbreaking iPhone, there […]

Top 5 Best Selling Mobile Phones of All Time

Best Selling Mobile Phones

Hello guys, Arthur here! With several new phones released every year, the mobile phone market remains highly competitive. However, Five phones have made a significant worldwide impact and are now recognized as the five best-selling mobile phones of all time. Our ranking reveals which phones made the list based on their global sales figures. Nokia […]

Professional Website Designs For Authors and Publishers

PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR WEBSITE DESIGN Fundamental truths why you must build your author website You are a brand You must advertise yourself Social media presence is not enough Chat on WhatsApp Previous Next Why Build a Website? It’s an effective branding It shows literary agents, editors, and readers alike that you take your writing seriously. Armed […]

Easily Exchange Bitcoins or Altcoins With Another User On Binance For Naira

The steps below highlights how you can easily exchange the Bitcoins or Altcoins in your Binance wallet with another user on Binance Exchange and have Naira credited to your Nigerian bank account. Key Requirements 1. You must have the email address or phone number the beneficiary registered with on Binance 2. This tutorial was done […]

Link Your NIN To Your Mobile SIM and Verify Immediately Using NiMC App

Step 1 Open Google Play Store on your android phone Type in the following to search for the NIMC mobile app; MWS:NIMC MobileID or click on the link below; The link will take you directly to app Step 2 You may skip this step if you know your National ID already. Otherwise dial *346# […]

It Has Been One Month Since I Stopped My DSTV Subscription


On September 30, 2020 I finally cut the cord. My household stopped our subscription to DSTV cable TV. I took the plunge and invested in an Unlimited Internet subscription with Swift Networks. What Swift promised to offer, for a N25,000 monthly fee, was 4Mbps (0.5MB/s) download speed on their SWIFT Unlimited Supreme plan. By comparison, […]

Black Friday at Shoprite Novare Mall

black, friday, black friday

Today, 25th November was Black Friday, possibly, the world over. It was no different here in Nigeria where retailers fell over themselves trying to woo customers with what they touted as fantastic promotional offers. Ever since the culture of online shopping became entrench in our psyche as Nigerians, there have been a surge in the popularity […]

A Geek Gift For My Son At 10

brownie, cake, greeting card

My older son turned 10 years recently. A milestone. A big excuse for an “owambe” party. Instead, the introvert in me opted for a quiet family outing, a decision that was further reinforced by the spiraling exchange rate. Well, that is the excuse we all give for our cost cutting? 🙂 Weakened Naira or not, i […]

Off To Novare Mall!

First day away from work. What an exhilarating experience! Ice Cube’s hit tune “Today was a good day” was buzzing in my brain. “How best can i spend today”, i thought to myself. “A visit to the cinema perhaps”? Hmm, a visit to the cinema it is! Off to Novare! Ever since Novare Mall opened […]