My largest download, ever, from the Google play android app market is the FIFA 12 game from the stables of EA (Electronic Arts)

Deceptively listed as 13MB in the app market, it was not until i had paid, installed the app and ready to play the game that i got a prompt that i needed to make an additional data download. And guess what? It was a whopping 1.2GB download! What?!!!

This is a common trend with game apps. Only the basic installer is available on the Google app market, with the bulk of the data housed on the servers of the game developers.

Well, there was no going back, i have parted with US$4.99 already. I weighed my options, I definitely was not keen on eating into my 7GB monthly data quota from my Cobranet ISP “Home Bronze” subscription, my only choice was to wait till 12 midnight when i could access the free data quota that Cobranet offers. This runs till 6am.

Wanting to eat my cake and still have it, i set my tablet up for the download and went to bed.Why must i lose my sleep because of this? Woke up 3 hours later, the 1.2Gb download was already completed. Thanks Cobranet! Confirmed briefly that the game runs, went back to bed.

I must admit that i am not a very keen football fan, however, i was curious to see how well the graphics of this game would render on my Android Honeycomb Toshiba Thrive Tablet.

A quick spin of the game confirmed what i had heard. The graphics are awesome and controls optimized for touchscreen input. Moreover, EA made sure you’ll be guiding real players rather than fictional ones — just like they do with all their sports games.

Selling points touted by EA Sports include:

Definitely a good buy and unreservedly recommended.

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