Amazon Android App Store is an alternative app store to the ever popular Google app store. Perhaps lacking in as many apps as the Google app store, it however boasts of over 240,000 apps and still counting.

Since its launch in 2011, the Amazon Appstore has included a “free app a day” feature. Every day, an application, frequently a game, is offered for free.

Aside from the daily free apps that Amazon has been dishing out to patrons of its app store, effective Thursday 31st July and August 1st 2014, Amazon is giving out about 30 apps valued at over $100 – for free.

Notable among these apps are Instapaper, Calendar, and Essential Anatomy 3. See the full list after the cut.

Had a field day downloading even apps I know I will never use. Typical Nigerian!

Note that you will need a debit / credit card issued in the US to access the Amazon app store.

Health & Fitness, Games and Photography apps

Utility Apps

Finance, Music, Productivity, Entertainment and Travel apps


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