As blog owners, there are times when we are too overwhelmed by our blog’s physical appearance, especially if our blog has an impressive design, a good amount of traffic and followers, and good search engine rankings. Yet having these positive traits does not mean your blog is in good condition. Sometimes, these traits can be deceiving, too.

So how will you know if your blog is in a terrible condition?

Your traffic is in danger

According to blog experts, a continuous diminishing rate in traffic is the first sign of a weakening blog. Traffic downfall is just a normal occurrence on blogs, but having an unremitting or a month-long fall in numbers is a different story. They say that low traffic rate can be considered alarming when it remains static in a very low point (e.g., 40-60% lower than your average traffic) for a long period of time (e.g. 2-3 weeks).

Automated visitors

Having a hundred hits and visitors a day does not mean your blog is soaring. As a blogger, your moderation should not be just limited to checking your daily comments and stats; delving where these stats are coming from is part of your responsibility as a blog owner. You have to know if these hits are from a single blog owner, a single search engine query, from a mobile device or from automated devices that help some furtive frauds to on the Web. Automated outbound traffic is useless in traffic, for it will never contribute in adding some points to improve your rankings. Technically speaking, these automated hits are nothing but useless spams.

Negative comments

Comments are healthy indication that someone is reading your blog. Be it positive or negative, blog experts consider all comments advantageous, for they both contribute to the expansion of your blog’s search engine familiarization (indexing and spidering) and network popularity. However, they said that negative and positive comments should be in symmetry: the former should not overpower the latter in number and stats.

Negative comments are healthy components of blog thread comment; they spice up the conversation, attract more commenters and readers, and solidify the network and blog relationship in the constraints of the blog. On the other hand, having handfuls of them can ruin your blog, too.

No comments at all

Let us face it. No one wants to blog alone. We all love to hear comments; we all die for other people’s attention. Therefore, if you have been blogging for a year and you haven’t yet experienced the joy of receiving comments, then you’re in a big trouble. Your blog may be lacking in promotion, in appeal, charisma, or worse, in substance.

Curing the malady

If you really want to save your dying blog, writing more contents and excellent post is still the best thing you can do. Follow the cliché “Content is King” and you will never go wrong. However, you should not just stop from writing contents. Have your blog redesigned by an SEO-knowledgeable designer, promote it on three leading social networking sites (Google+, Facebook, Twitter), and don’t stop connecting and building links with niche-related blogs and websites.

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