From a promising height of 1495 unique visits in the maiden week, last week recorded a sharp drop of about  45% in the number of visitors to this blog site. Total number of visitors stood at 826.

Activities for last week was rather low, was out of town for a few days. Well, that’s what you get when only one man is running the show. Guest contributors and commentors are earnestly welcomed to keep the mast high.

In the spirit of freely sharing ideas and resources, this week we would introduce a new section called NOTICE BOARDS. Amongst other things, we would be sharing links to ONLY freewares, Open Source and bargain softwares. ILLEGAL SOFTWARES ARE NOT ALLOWED!

Have a fun-filled week.

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  1. I think you are doing agood job.
    i would be happy if you would also include "portable applications" when dealing with freeware.
    some of them are opensource too..

    looking forward to a technologically vibrant blog…

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