iPad 2 – March 2

I guess it is no longer news, but for those that don’t know, the IPAD 2 has been scheduled for rollout on March 2, 2011, about one month from the earlier rumored February release date. Already, invites has been sent out for the event taking place in San Francisco and no, yours truly did not get any!

The stage is now set for the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2 to slug it out for supremacy. Honestly, i feel the title can go either way though the iPad may have a pricing edge. We can only watch as events unfold.

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2 thoughts on “iPad 2 – March 2”

  1. Yeah, from what i have gathered, some of what is been added to the iPad 2 is what should have been there originally, nothing revolutionary. A case of holding back to have something "new" in the next ipad iteration? Mention was made of the addition of a micro-sd slot, cameras capable of HD recording, video output and probably a CDMA variant. The full list of the added features may not be known until the product itself is unveiled, Apple seems to have mastered the act of keeping the public in suspense.

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